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Abel Archer 83-84 25-03-2018

This is a quick update on a recent day of play I had. Tony Baker and I decided to use a MADGamers gaming day to run through the Rapid Fire Abel Archer rule set. If you have followed me here before you will know that I had another game recently with this ruleset. This game was set as a prequel to that game. For this we decided in advance that we would play the scenario twice with each player getting a chance to switch around. 

One of the key differences for this game was that would be using the random event cards that Tony has come up with for the game. This is a set of random events some of which are beneficial, some of which are amusing. There are as many blank cards in the deck as there are usable cards to make it suitable random. 

As always I have a load of pictures to accompany the story. And I am always happy to discuss the details in further detail. If you wish to do that grab me on the forum or Facebook group. 

Game 1 
For this scenario it is set immediately before the bridge scenario that we played last time. Tony Baker played the NATO force and I played the WARPAC forces. The WARPAC forces was made up of an advance element and a main force. The NATO element was a battlegroup.  For this I drove my advance force down the main road only leaving it once contact had been made. The Infantry pushed to the town to force their way in. The armour pushed forward to press the baseline. The NATO forces where deployed with the Tank Troop at the baseline and the infantry in the village. After four turns the main WARPAC forces started deploying to the table. By turn six it was all done and dusted.

Game 2 
This was an exact copy of the previous game but with the payers reversed. Tony Baker played the WARPAC forces and I played NATO forces. For this I deployed the NATO forces with the Tank Troop quite far forward too allow quick and early contact.  Again after four turns the main WARPAC forces started deploying onto the table and by turn six the game was complete.

Game 3
For this game we used the same forces as before but added a Divisional air asset and two Striker elements to the NATO force and a Divisional air asset to the WARPAC forces. The scenario was changed slightly with it being a  holding action with three objectives on the table and the players having to hold at least two of the three to win the game. To decide who played which side we rolled off and I got to choose. Having chosen NATO as my force. I decided to concede one objective and defend the rest hard. I placed the Tank Troop at the back and in the cornfield. With Striker placed forwards with the Scimitar and Scorpion and infantry elements. The WARPAC force split and infantry elements rolled down the road towards the village. For this NATO operated a “Shoot and Scoot” policy the Scimitar, Scorpion and Striker elements moving frequently having fired. The Tank Troop (with Class one guns - stabilised) stuck firm on the baseline firing as targets of opportunity presented themselves. Moving if no targets looked likely to be present. Time forced us to shorten this game after four turns but as it was it was looking closer to call than the previous games. In this game there was more of a presence from air elements. 

A good day’s gaming was had by all. We are starting to get a good handle on the rules. The random event cards worked really well and we will be using them for the Demo games when we take it on the road. Our plan is that we play this scenario on the first day of any show and the Bridge scenario on the second day. With the results of one feeding into the other. 

As always I have a load of people to thank. MADGamers Club for hosting us. Tony baker for being a gracious and courteous opponent. As I said earlier if you see me at the shows or on the forum or Facebook group do drop me a line or chat as I am happy to talk about this.

Denis Jackman is a stocky Irish man with a love of history and a passion for designing and running games. He can be seen at some of the regular shows (mostly drooling over other people's work). He works in IT and writes his own blog at TableTopMadness. He can also be found lurking in the various forums and groups. Do drop by and say hi.

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